My obsession with capturing light has led me to want to learn more.

I am doing so by studying at 'The Filming Life Academy'.

The Filming Life Academy's courses are structured around documenting life which fits in

perfectly with my documentary style of photography. 

Photography tells a story, yes! But film making quite literally brings the story to life.

I love dappled light, but it's almost a photographers nightmare in terms of casting shadows. 

Film on the other hand sets it free and allows it to dance on your screen.

Not only that, it almost in a sense makes every one of memories immortal.

If you would love to participate in helping me become a master at my craft I would love to hear from you.

Book a 2 hour or longer photography shoot and tag on a film session for no extra cost.


Book a free standing film session for just 


To enquire

please contact Cybelle