Cybelle Jones Photography

Documentary Family Films


An unscripted, organic and wholesome

window into your past

What is documentary

family  film?

It's going about your day like a photographer isn't there. 

There are no awkward moments, no behaving a certain way, acting or performing.

No matching outfits

You'll just get to be uniquely YOU!

It'll be the easiest photography session you've ever had.

Family Films

An artfully assembled time capsule 

3 hours shooting 

3-5 minute family film

hand selected licensed music

post production editing and colour grading

BONUS fully edited images

bamboo usb for safe keeping

From $1500

The best gift you can give your kids and loved ones is your memory.

We just never know what life has in store for us.

To be able to preserve those memories for your family is just so important.

It is something they will hold onto for the rest of their lives.

With a family film, you can go back and revisit those times again and again.

Like watching a movie of a day in your life.

It's a chance to be present with your family.

A day that you get to record the significance of life with your loved ones. 

This way you'll never forget their expressions and voices when they were young.

The laughter. The tears. The triumphs. And the ordinary too.

Let's capture an authentic part of this season in your life.

 A realistic documentation.

It's not only for you, but it's also for them too.

 And for future generations.

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