I never really set out to be a wedding photographer, but after being a second photographer and shooting a few weddings here and there for friends and friends of friends I actually absolutely adore it. Witnessing and documenting ones super special day gets me all emotional and teary and goodness yes I want to be there to snap it all.


Cybelle Jones Photography actually started more as a family lifestyle photography business but it has recently ventured more into documentary photography to capture the real story. 

I'm only offering this style of photography so I can tell the story of your wedding and not interject at any point or disrupt the flow of your day. It is 100% unscripted to allow you to be totally free range. Do I offer "portraits" for family or friends on the day? I sure do because of course I know you may want certain people in the same shot....if people in your wedding group decide they want to pose themselves in front of my camera then I am all for it.

If you think documentary wedding photography is right for you, please contact me via the contact form below. If you are after pricing please go 

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