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It's all about capturing truthful and honest memories.
It's not staged or manufactured for a photographer.

Documentary Photography is going about your day as though a photographer isn't present.

Think of it as the "in-between" moments of life. The behind the scenes moments.

Real connections happen during everyday activities, not through posing or directing. 

It's about capturing the truthfulness of your life. It's not directed, acted or scripted.

It's not always picture-perfect. It can be messy and sometimes revealing. It's not for portraying a certain lifestyle on social media. It's not conventional, it's distinctive. It's for printed albums.

It's for frames on the wall. It's for the generations that follow, so they can look back at how you lived your life. It's authentic, genuine, real and true. Not staged, directed or manipulated for a photographer.

To have a session like this you must allow yourself to be open and vulnerable.

This session is not for you if you are after direction or a perfectly-styled home.

These sessions portray your true selves.

This will be the easiest photo session you've ever had and you'll be surprised by how much you love them when you get your gallery. I promise.











Feeling scared about having a session like this?

Of course, it's quite natural to feel this way. You may feel that the house isn't clean enough. You may feel like you don't look good enough, but I can tell you that these are the images that we love the most when we look back in years to come. You won't even care about those things when you see the images 1, 3, 5.....10 years from now.


Because you know that your home was filled with laughter and tears, frustrations and triumphs, clutter and noise. But most of all it was filled with love.

Because that's life. Life isn't perfect like other styles of photography portray our lives to be. Life has ups and downs. And that's so completely fine. 

There is definitely a place for posed, styled, directed photography.

But having a session that documents... actually documents the real lives of you and your closest people is completely underrated.





A documentary photographer can creatively and artistically capture you so that you can see with your own eyes how unique and special your family unit is.  That is what you will love to look back on in years to come. Not the posed images with the newly bought (for the photoshoot ) throw, accidentally on purpose, so casually thrown on the back of the couch. That has no authenticity.

The importance of capturing your family's fair dinkum history is very undervalued, especially today, in a digital world full of perfectly staged social media content.

Let's get some realness happening!

And let's do it for your family!!

Your kids and your kid's kids will love you for it.


Play the video below as I explain the differences between lifestyle photography and
documentary photography... I do tend to waffle on a bit though but bear with me 

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