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Film & Photography for Nostalgists
Documentary Family Photography...
It's for real

Images & film that evoke emotion, the nitty-gritty and the real true!
Pictures that will transport you back in time.
We never know what life will throw at us. 
Don't regret not having genuine and authentic documentation of this season.


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Why are photos and film so important?

When you look at the images we save, usually they're of people close to us, our furry friends and the places we have spent our lives.

All the images we capture add up to tell a story.

If you're a nostalgist like me, there's so much power in photos and film.

They hold our past for us to experience again and again.

They help us understand our history and the era we lived. What we wore, where we inhabited and what we did.

Photos and film represent what is important to us.

They evoke emotions.

This happens because of not how aesthetically pleasing an image is, but rather the emotions that are connected to the time the image was taken.

The time is now to document your life and loved ones.

You won't regret it.

Newborn Photography

With my approach to capturing families, I promise that your images will in no way look like anyone else's. Ever!

If you need everyone to be looking at the camera smiling in a field at sunset, value perfection over authenticity or prefer staged and awkward poses over reality in your images, I'm not the photographer for you.

Cybelle Jones Photography Small-1.JPG
Cybelle Jones Photography-10.JPG

Parenting is bloody hard!!

My aim is to show you what kind of parent you are

and how much your kids love you for it. 

Both you and your kids will be thankful for the

detailed memories of this day in your life.


Interested in 

Family Films?

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Honest Moments 

Beautifully Photographed

Cybelle Jone Photography _ Natural Family Photographer

Documenting the reality of parenthood... fur babies included

Kind words

Cybelle recently created an amazing motherhood film for me. Her extensive questionnaire beforehand ensured Cybelle was capturing things that were really special to our family. I have watched the film so many times and it’s like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders- she has managed to capture moments in time that I can now treasure forever. These years when the children are little go by so fast, so to have this film (and photos too) I am forever grateful!!! Cybelle made the whole process easy and she was so thoughtful and considerate towards our family.


Cyb came and shot stills and a video of our little family. We all got a little nervous before the shoot - I felt tired, my partner worried about his shirt and my son...well, he was just excited and had his own ideas about what would look good! Cyb put us all at ease and we were soon back to just going with the flow of our daily lives as she moved like a ninja around us. Seriously, she was everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. I actually became unaware of where she was in our house, and did things while she was visiting (like hang out washing and clip my baby's nails) that seem very ho-hum! But the images are videos are not ho-hum. They are us, doing our thing... as Cyb says, doing life. I love love love them, they are treasures and I cannot rate this lady and her talents enough.


We had a great experience with Cybelle. She was calm and confident during the photo shoot, making us feel relaxed and keeping the whole process natural. She was completely at ease with our children, taking time to interact and communicate with them, and make them feel comfortable.


We thoroughly enjoyed our photo shoot with Cybelle, she made us feel very comfortable and relaxed. We are so pleased with how the photos came out; precious memories of our little family at a place we love.


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Relax and hang out with your family.

Whilst you are making memories know that they are being beautifully documented within this process, not just snap shots on your phone!

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