Hi, I'm Cybelle

Take the kids to your favourite place
and let
them be themselves

 I lead a mostly natural and organic life in all ways possible, and my photographic style reflects this. I like shooting natural and candid moments either indoors or outdoors and my images have a documentary feel to them.


The best way to capture this, is to let you roam free somewhere you are comfortable doing the things that you love. I will not pose you in the “right” lighting, I will not move objects to make your photos magazine slick and I won't make you stand in a row for ten minutes and make you smile. Ugh! There will be no awkward moments, I promise.


I will simply create raw and real depictions of you. 

I'll come to your home, event or a location you choose and hang out, have a cuppa tea or cool drink and take some snaps without you noticing much.


Of course if you wish to pose and that comes naturally to you, then heck - pose away.


Lifestyle and documentary photography to me is about making a record of your life. I get such a buzz from capturing the unique and special moments between people, animals and nature.  The images will tell your story and I really encourage you to enjoy yourselves. I aim to capture true interactions and emotions. I offer sessions from one hour up to ten hours. The longer the session, the more documentary style it can become, and the more of a story we can tell.


If you think natural and candid photography is the style you would like, please get in touch.


Cybelle x

Cybelle Jones Photography
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I’m passionately creative and feel incredibly lucky to follow two crafts that have become ‘work’. I got my first camera around age six, my dolls and my beloved niece were my models for both hair and photography. I took my camera to my school excursions, and it was then that my obsession with capturing light began! Once I started travelling, I fell in love with landscape photography and once I had my children I naturally gravitated toward documenting them as well as other peoples babies, and branching into lifestyle portraits, birthdays and other events.


I've been in the hairdressing industry since 1994, hair and photography are my calling. I love learning more and honing my skills, even on my days off. I also love natural environments - which has meant our family now strive towards a zero waste/plastic free life style, another of my daily passions. We also love animals, travel and eating delicious food. We spend time every year in the Burmese village……where my partner is from and there life becomes very immediate, visceral and a different pace to western life.


So with all of this love for well, everything, I wanted to capture it all.....the organic moments, the beautiful surrounds of homes and gardens, the tears of joy and sadness, the absolute chaos or calm and the story of peoples lives…. the dirt and realness of living, not the posey awkward stuff. Definitely not the stiff upper lips of portraits past. I will never pose you -  I will always try and position myself so that you and your family are simply being you! When I look at pictures from my childhood, I adore the ones that aren’t posed the most. I can genuinely tell your true story with documentary photography. It’s candid, it’s real and it truly illustrates who we are.

Let me show you how I can capture the moments that will end up only memories.

About Me

"Cybelle came to our house for a family shoot and made us feel quickly at ease - anyone who gets an impromptu hug from a 5 year old an hour after meeting them is clearly a winner! The photos are gorgeous too, we are having a really hard time choosing our favourites! Thanks so much :)"

Sasha, Nick and Sylvie

"Our photo shoot with Cybelle was really easy and relaxed. We just did our usual thing... feeding the newborn and entertaining a grumpy toddler, and somehow Cybelle managed to capture a beautiful slice of our life, just as it is now. These photos will be treasured forever."

Lucy and Jo

Cybelle Jones Photography

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