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Having a true representation of your business is important for potential future customers. It allows them to understand what you do in a visual sense, it also puts a face to your brand and shows you off as an artist in the throes of your passion. Having a documentary session for your business factually represents what you do and what you offer. I won't stand you in a corner and make you smile awkwardly. You can be yourself in these sessions and these images will truly reflect your brand.





~30 mins shooting (headshots only)

~location advice + pre-session consultation call/zoom

~private online viewing gallery

~choice of 10 high and low res digital files 

~all post-production photo editing​​​




~2 hours shooting

~location advice + pre-session consultation call/zoom

~private online viewing gallery

~35 high and low res digital files all post-production photo editing​



from $1800

~20 minute in-person (or zoom) consultation to discuss

your ideas and needs

~ 40 high-quality images sized for your website, social media and printing.

~ 1-2 hours of filming and photography of all services

~2-3 minute branding video for your 


Promoting yourself in a short branding film is a great way to share your business

on social media and your website.

In this era of the internet, still-images aren't enough.

I'll help you create a short film so that your target market can connect with you.

Never underestimate the power of film and photos to promote your business.

Cybelle is a business branding photographer Melbourne and beyond

Contact Cybelle to discuss what this type of service could look like for you and your business.

Kate Shore Naturopathy Branding

Kate Shore Naturopathy Branding

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