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Cybelle Jones is a natural family and photographer and filmmaker, wedding photographer and

business branding photographer and filmmaker, throughout Melbourne and beyond.

NOTE: For all of my new followers, if you’ve noticed that I have few images of kids' faces on my pages lately but claim to be a family photographer, it’s because I decided that it’s an important thing to hide their identities in my public space - at least until they are of the age of knowing the depth of the internet. I may at times show images of newborns or children that are now much older, purely because they will not be identifiable as they grow.

I am super aware of the dark side of adults exploiting children and in this space, I choose to hide kids' identities wherever possible.

Your gallery will not be of faceless children when you book a session with me of course.

They will be for your viewing only. You will be the one to decide where they are displayed.

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