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Where is your family most comfy?

Why am asking you that?

Because this is the place we should shoot your next documentary family session!

Usually families are most comfy in their own home, but not all.

I've followed families through their favourite park to play a ball games and aeroplanes or even just gone to the local cafe and captured them having lunch and a coffee.

My kids are happiest outside in our backyard and on the weekend my hubby and me sit back and watch them eat , dig and frolick in dirt (for some reason it's so tasty), look up the clouds and just BE (and of course I take a few snaps here and there).

What do you do on a weekend morning?

Make cookies? Take the kids to their swimming lesson? Go to the market? Or kick about the house?

or even a week morning for that matter?

On my bucket list to shoot is a family getting ready for the day to go to school or work. I know it sounds crazy, but before you realise, those days will be over and you'll forget how ridiculously cute the kids looked getting ready for school, spilling the milk, brushing their teeth and doing their hair.

Mention this post to get your shoot discounted.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a glimpse of your life from the outside to see how you really connect with each other?

It can sometimes take a little while to relax into the shoot usually because not everyone has a camera in their face on a trip to the supermarket (OBVIOUSLY) but I promise you that you'll soon be absorbed back into your life at the drop of a soiled nappy or at the "muuuum I'm hungry" line.

On the day of the shoot I'll just be a part of your family for little while.

I'll be able to document a beautiful overview of your morning, afternoon or day.

As mentioned above I'd love to come and do a morning session of a family getting ready for the day (please mention this post to receive a discount). You may not even have to leave the house. The mornings with our babes when they are little are so precious so stay in your jimmy jams.

Please leave a comment below or you can also connect by going to my facebook page here

Let me come and capture your true and moving story.

Cybelle x

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