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The Importance of Documentary Family Photography

It wasn't until I had kids of my own that I started to REALLY understand them. I thought I knew but really I had no idea and let me tell you, I have swallowed my words since having them.

I thought that having tantrums or not eating, no manners or bad manners and general crankiness or meltdowns were all a measurement of good or bad parenting. Well have I been taught a lesson! My eldest is only just over 4 and my youngest 17 months and although they are great little humans and I try my hardest to be the best parent I can - man do they push my buttons sometimes.

This is all absolutely natural of course. They are growing at an immense rate not only physically but mentally and this by all means may present some passionate behaviour and tears but it can subsequently provide moments of love and tenderness too. From where I stand now (on the parent side) I actually find ALL of the tougher moments rather endearing (and some challenging of course) and that perhaps it's a chance to connect and bond with our kids?! being the documentary family photographer I am, knows it's absolutely imperative to catch glimpses of these interactions between, siblings, mother and daughter, Dad and his newborn and perhaps the mess that's been created to make dinner through my lens.

This is what makes us family. This is the everyday!

There may not be perfection in the everyday but I find so much beauty in its truthfulness. I think as parents we also need to be IN the pictures. I don't have any story telling pictures of my babies and myself (guess that's the downside of always being behind the lens), only selfies that my hubby or me have snapped on our phones. Which are not only absolutely terrible in quality but I feel the images have no atmosphere. I have to say I am a little regretful of that not only for me to look back on but for my kids and perhaps their kids.

Now I know that documentary family photography is not for everyone but it is definitely for families that love spending time together and want the finer details recorded of those special and fleeting moments.

Is documentary family photography for you? If so please get in touch.

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