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A Personal Trip to WA (sans kids!!)

Yes, that's right, SANS KIDS!!

I was fortunate enough to visit a friend who was celebrating his 40th birthday on his new 100-acre property in Geraldton.

I haven't had that much time away from my kids, like EVER!!

I knew it would be the best opportunity for me to have some much-needed alone time with my camera. And It was the best thing I ever did!! Pre-kids I was very much into landscape photography, so I was excited to get back into it.

One of the places on the itinerary was to visit the Pinnacles.

The Pinnacles are a collection of thousands of limestone formations, resembling towering spires or jagged stone pillars, rising from the golden sand dunes. These formations vary in size and shape, some reaching several meters in height, while others are shorter and more rounded.

If you've never visited this area and you are over that way, be sure to check them out. It's family-friendly and only a short drive from Jurien Bay where there are a few caravan parks/cabins and a beautiful coastline. Don't go in the water though!! SHARKS!! Yikes

I have provided a couple of links and images that might spark your interest.


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