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Affordable Memories: The Importance of Printing Your Photos in the Digital Age

As a photographer, I sometimes opt for more affordable options when it comes to printing photo books and prints. Let's face it, times can be tough for some, and regardless of whether you choose cheap or fancy, having your memories preserved in some form is better than not at all, right?

As you can see in the gallery below, I am big on the amount of images I display around my home. I have some very high-end frames and prints and also some frames from the op shop and Kmart. The amount of joy I get from looking at my images day to day is honestly so heart and soul warming. My house in a lived-in, maximalist, out-of-date journey in to the past, and I love it. You might have a minimalist, on-trend, modern home style going on. Regardless of your style, photos of our loved ones fit in anywhere.

In this digital age, the risk of losing precious memories is high, which is why I'm a strong advocate for printing photos, regardless of your budget constraints.

While investing in professional printing services for longevity and top-notch quality is undoubtedly worthwhile, it's not always feasible for everyone.

Here are a few places I've utilised for printing in the past:

Vista Print: I've utilised Vista Print for printing books for my family overseas and for casual use. It's a cost-effective option with decent quality, perfect for families, especially with kiddos with sticky fingers.

Picture Postie: This app offers affordable options like photo magnets, canvases and even tablecloths!!!

Ideal for tidying up printed images that are starting to wear on the fridge. While the quality might not be top-notch, the convenience of ordering directly from social media feeds makes up for it.


I've yet to try this brand yet. But I am definitely going to try them out for the photo tiles. They even have little adhesive velcro dots already attached to them!! So easy to and less costly than buying the 3M velcros as they can become quite expensive.

My Picture: Their product and price range is similar to pic postie above but offers metal, acrylic, framed and canvas along with blankets and mugs etc. Their canvases are lightweight and easy to hang, making them a great alternative to traditional framed prints, especially in rental spaces.

Zno: Despite being based in the US, Zno offers quick turnaround times and lovely flush photo books. They strike a balance between affordability and quality, perfect for capturing memorable moments.

Atkins Pro Lab:

Known for its top-notch service and prints, Atkins Lab is a standout choice for professional-grade prints and albums. Their quality speaks for itself, particularly for wall art or wedding prints.

Ultimately, the key takeaway is to get your images printed. While quality prints are desirable, accessibility matters. While it's convenient to have all your photos stored digitally, there's something special about seeing them on your walls every day.

If printing is something you find a little hard to get around to doing yourself, please reach out and I'd be more than happy to assist.

Cybelle x


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