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Branding Business Photography and Headshots Don't Have to be Awkward.

That’s right. No awkwardness here… ever!!

Do you feel nervous and self-conscious in front of the lens?

Loads of clients have said they feel super nervous when they have a camera in their face.

Heck, even I’m a little uncomfortable in front of a camera (yet I tell my clients to be at ease ) so that feeling resonates with me too.

When you tell your branding story through images and film it lets you go about your day as if I’m almost not there.

That’s why my clients always feel so comfortable. It’s like I’m a new friend just dropping in to see your work. I don’t pose or direct, I want you to show me what you do.

It’s the most relaxed and fun shoot you’ll ever have.

The imagery will also show your personality which is why a lot of people choose a brand in the first place. If they connect with the ethos and ethics of the founder they'll usually be interested in viewing what you have to offer.

The video below is part of a branding film for Kate Shore Naturopathy. It shows a snippet of her personality and personal interests, which is weaved together to create a branding film.

Interested in a branding film? Head to the contact page on my website and get in touch to discuss what this could look like for you and your business.

Cybelle is a business branding photographer based in Reservoir, Melbourne


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