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Do you exist in your family photos?

Do you find it hard to get in the frame? Are you missing from the eleventy million pics on your phone? If you're like me, you’ve probably only got selfies and a few random good pics of you and your kids on your phone. Having a professional family photographer come to document your days can change that! You can relax knowing that you are in your family pictures for you and your kids.

Many of the pictures of my kids and me are on my husband's broken phone that is sitting on a shelf. The pics are completely irretrievable 😭 I am sure that this is not an uncommon situation.

Did you know that Cybelle is not only a natural family photographer but also a family filmmaker too?

Have you ever considered what it might be like to have photos and film of your family life? Photos and film of your motherhood journey?

Check out some snippets of family films here.

You'll receive a bamboo USB with every family photography and film session for safe keeping and you'll know exactly where those precious keepsakes are stored. Not only that, you will be in the frame too.

Book a session today.


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