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Let's Talk Prints

Even though I’m a photographer I still get cheaper photo books and prints done. Let’s be honest, times are tough for some and which ever way you can store your memories, cheap or fancy, done is better than none! Right?! In digital times things can get lost so easily and that's why I am HUGE fan of just getting things printed at which ever bracket you fall in financially.

Yes, getting them done professionally and paying the price is actually worth it in terms of longevity and quality, but I know it’s not accessible for everyone.

I’m going to list some places in which I’ve used for printing in the past.

Vista print

I’ve had a few books printed here for family overseas and the odd one for us. It is definitely a cheaper option and the quality is ok. It’s quick and printed right here in Australia. It’s also a good one if you have kids. I have a couple printed for this reason, so it doesn’t really matter if sticky fingers turn the pages.

My kids adore them and pull them out often to browse.

Picture Postie

Also on the cheaper side. This is an app for android and iPhone and has a range of products. I’ve only ordered their photo magnets for the fridge as I had printed images that were getting doggie ears and wanted it neater. You can order them straight from your Insta or Facebook feed which means the images aren’t amazing quality but it does mean I can look at them every day and makes me nostalgic often.

They are also owned and made in Australia.

My Picture

These guys have CRAZY sales. Like 80% off type sales. So keep a look out especially around the major holidays. Canvases are a great option if you don't want the heaviness of frames on the wall. We are in a rental and tacking these to the walls with the velcro 3M adhesive sticky things are far better than framed prints. I've had a few framed prints fall to the floor and smash and this is definitely a safer option. I actually find the quality pretty ok for the price too.


These guys do lovely flush photo books and albums. I’ve had a couple made of the kids first year of life, we all love them and look at them often. Even though they’re in the US they have a super quick turnaround time (though not sure now with COVID). They are affordable but on the mid-higher end and pretty great quality.

The browser based ordering system is easy and user friendly which is win for people that are time poor but want to organise their own albums.

Atkins Lab

These guys are the cream of the crop for me. I love everything about their service and their prints. They have a professional and public area.

They do beautiful prints and albums along with framing too. These prints will last a lifetime and I highly recommend them for wall art or wedding prints. They're based in South Australia.

The downside here is they use a crappy software to upload for the professional area... I'm not entirely sure how user friendly the public area is, maybe you can tell me when you order from them.

Anyway, you can check them out here.

Bottom line..... Just get your images printed. I am all for quality prints, but the reality is, it's not in everyone's reach.

It’s great to have all of your pics on your phone but it’s so great for them to be on the walls and around you to look at everyday.

Cybelle x


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