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Some Personal Works

In order to grow, we have to be open to trying new things and be vulnerable enough to make mistakes.

I haven't dabbled in other types of photography for quite some time now. It's mostly been family photography or branding photography. I used to love landscape photography before I had kids, and also some macro, but I haven't had the time to truly experiment with other styles, until now.

What buying some new camera gear will do for your inspiration!!

I have been super excited with LensBaby gear lately. One of LensBaby's major messages is to let go of perfection. They encourage imperfection and an out-of-the-ordinary approach to photography.

When I got my tax refund I splurged a little on some fun lenses and accessories.

The Omni Filter pack is one of my favs! It's where you add fun filters, wands and reflectors to your lens to create in-camera effects. When you shoot wide open they create some wonderful reflections and flare. I also bought some creative lenses that can splice focus and add interesting bokeh to your images.

I have been playing with a technique called reverse freelensing too. This produces very soft macro images and I have had some brilliant results with this on my new flower patch that I planted not so long ago.

Check out my images below.

If you want any info regarding Lensbaby, reach out, and I'll tell you what I know. ( I have no affiliation btw)


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